Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity

Program Type 
Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity 

Program Length 
15 Credit Hours


The Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity is designed to provide a concentrated and in-depth exposure to critical conected systems and infrastructure security concerns to enhance professional capability of graduate students. Individuals holding a baccalaureate degree in Computer Science or a related field would be suitable candidates for this program.
Cybersecurity has become an increasingly important area of study within the discipline of computer science and engineering, especially in view of the increased demands for national security. The interdisciplinary program is comprised of the curriculum in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Courses can be used towards the masters degree program in computer science to provide a continuous path for the student towards a master degree.

Enrollment Semester

  • Fall, Spring, [Summer]

Program Offered

  • Face-to-Face 

Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Requirements

 Item   Requirement   Course Options  Hours Required 
Four Core Courses 
(Four 3-Credit Hours)
1. CSCI 653 Cybersecurity I
2. CSCI  654 Cybersecurity II
3. EECE/CSCI 676 Cybersecurity for Net CPS/IoT
4. CSCI 652 Special Topics in Cybersecurity 

12 Credit Hours

One Elective Course 
(One 3-Credit Hour)
1. Database Systems & Security 
2. Wireless Network & Security  
4. Advanced Operating Systems & Security 

 3 Credit Hours
     Total    15 Credit Hours

If you have a course not offered on this list that you would like to take you MUST get written approval from Dr. Dand B. Rawat.

Application Information

Applicants seeking admission to the graduate certificate program in Cybersecurity must submit the following documentation directly to the Office of Graduate Admissions:
  • Application form [Download From Here]
  • Two letters of recommendation - 1 required from Academic Advisor
  • Resume/CV
  • Official transcript (with a minimum GPA of 3.2)
All credentials must be sent to:
   Kamla B. Deonauth
   Howard University Graduate School
   Annex III, Room 308
   4th and College Street
   Washington, D.C. 20059

Admission Requirements
  • Students Already Enrolled
    • Good academic standing 
    • A minimum of 6 eligible credits (as determined by the Department of Systems and Computer Science) 

  • Students Not Already Enrolled 
    • Satisfactory completion of regular degree requirements 

  • Requirement Exceptions 
    • No Graduate Record Examination 
    • Other specific requirements of the Department 
Degree Requirements
  • Demonstration of the same level of achievement as degree seeking students. 
  • Maintenance of at least a B grade in each course. 
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