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Tenure App

Only the following links contain the Application for Tenure:

        A.  Main Application Document (Download from HERE) Contains 
    1. Letter to Department Chair
    2. List of External Evaluators
    3. Application for Tenure

        B.  Appendices

    1. Current Curriculum Vita (Download CV)
    2. Copies of Publications (Download All Publications)
    3. Service Activities (Samples) (Download Samples)
    4. Student Teaching Evaluations (Samples) (Download Samples)
    5. Professional Development (Samples) (Download Samples)
    6. Course Webpage Links (Links to Course Webpage)
    7. Misc. Grant Related Documents (Screenshots and Emails)
    8. Misc. Documents (Journal/Conference Ranking) (Download Ranking Docs)

Note: All above files are zipped into a single file and can be downloaded from HERE. 

Side Note: If you cannot download any files for some reason, please let me know by sending email at Danda.Rawat@howard.edu